Welcome to our website. Through this media we hope to provide vital information about our company, update you on lawn and landscaping news, provide seasonal and/or weather related tips, and announce special offers and communicate scheduling of our services that we provide for you. Since 1996, when Glass Lawn Management and Landscaping was founded by John Glass; until 2007 when ownership was passed to Barry Somerville, our mission remains the same:

Glass Lawn will provide total lawn and landscape management with design installation, renovation, restoration, and maintenance of new and existing greenscapes at a fair price, be responsive to customer needs, and in harmony with the environment.

It is exciting to be a part of the multibillion dollar green industry. Residential and commercial customers today understand the importance of caring for their outside property investment as well as inside their homes and buildings. We offer one stop for all your lawn and landscaping maintenance as well as complete custom landscaping design and installation, including hardscapes, irrigation, soil testing, decorative rock and mulch sales and soon to come landscape lighting.

As we grow we want to get better the right way; by being fully insured, employees covered by workman's compensation, being more responsive to customers and guaranteeing our work.

You have come to the right company. We appreciate your business. Welcome to Glass Lawn Management and Landscaping!

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